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Snake catcher Brisbane is a site dedicated to providing suburban residents, private business and government departments with readily available snake removal and mitigatory services throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and other localities across Australia. Unlike many sites where snake catcher contacts are given for only a small area, we aim to provide snake removal specialists where ever available. Our network is the most comprehensive snake catcher directory available providing you with the reassurance that you can get your snake catcher where and when you need them!!

Being based in Brisbane, our services and knowledge is second to none for Queensland's south east. From Carpet Python to Eastern Brown Snake, Red-bellied Black Snake to Common Tree Snake our Brisbane snake catchers are not only long term, highly experienced handlers but are able to identify and successfully capture all species in all types of situations. These consultants are available 24 hours 7 days a week at your convenience to remove your scaly visitor, provide snake identification or merely assist with solid ecologically grounded snake information. So whether your in The Gap, Dayboro, Redbank Plains or Pinkenba just click here to find your local Brisbane snake catcher!

We are often asked whether snake catcher services are offered by Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Pine Rivers, Moreton, Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast city Council. Along with other entities such as the RSPCA, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Queensland Police none of these offer snake removal services to the general public as it is viewed as a user pays system. Instead they are likely to direct you to a search option which will find you back with us anyway!!!!

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Snake Related Services

Snake capture and relocation isn't the only services offered by Snake Catcher Brisbane. We understand the need to provide further mitigatory and information based responses to home occupiers and businesses alike. Our comprehensive range of services are tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements and include the following:

For any of the listed services contact your snake catcher in our directory for an obligation free over the phone quote. In the case of property searches, assessments and reports contact 0413 028 081.

Brisbane Swooping Bird, Scrub Turkey & Problem Bird Management

Snake Catcher Brisbane also provides referrals to bird removal specialists such as magpie, plover and scrub turkey catchers. Swallow removal services are offered through some operators also. Having years of experience in the management of swooping and problem birds these consultants are both licensed and insured to assist with all manner of bird issues. Key areas of management exist for the following areas:

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 Magpie Removal  Scrub Turkey Removal  Plover Management
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Snake Catcher Monthly Wrap Up

Our snake catchers across Brisbane want to keep you informed of what's happening and where it's going on! This monthly wrap up or blog is just our way of letting you know the interesting situations and scenarios that occur with our snake catchers in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. We will also use this opportunity to highlight any new pages or links within our site. We look forward to seeing you on a regular basis!!

June 2016

With the cooler weather starting to embrace Brisbane, the number of snake sighting and enquiries have taken a steady decline. Contrary though to popular belief, snakes don’t hibernate in winter – they just become far less active. The most common scenario at this time of year is the sighting of Coastal Carpet Pythons as they seek warm, sunny spots for thermoregulation in the immediate vicinity of suitable refugia. Carpet Python captures in June have been recorded from suburbs such as Jindalee, Richlands, Calamvale, Chapel Hill, Graceville, Toowong and Bellbowrie.

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Snake Facts & Information

Snakes Around The Garden

Compost heaps and vegetation piles are frequented by snakes for feeding, refuge and in some species egg-laying purposes. Many of the favoured food items targeted by snakes such as frogs,

Snake Safety Around The Home

Snakes are a common component of backyard fauna, especially here in Brisbane. With both venomous and non-venomous species sharing our environment it makes sense to understand these cryptic visitors as well as take precautions around the home to reduce the likelihood of a negative encounter. Here a few key points

What to do when you find a snake

Outside of "who do I call for snake removal" it's by far the most common question asked of Snake Catcher Brisbane. The response is dependent on a range of factors such as age of the observer, comfort level around snakes, the species of snake,