Brisbane Swooping Bird, Scrub Turkey & Problem Bird Management

Snake Catcher Brisbane also provides referrals to bird removal specialists such as magpie, plover and scrub turkey catchers. Swallow removal services are offered through some operators also. Having years of experience in the management of swooping and problem birds these consultants are both licensed and insured to assist with all manner of bird issues. Key areas of management exist for the following areas:

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 Magpie Removal  Scrub Turkey Removal  Plover Management
Every year across Brisbane the swooping brigade takes flight with magpies and plovers the main instigators. The potential for harm to humans is quite real in instances where swooping birds are making physical contact but often their perceived attacks are merely efforts to force you out of their nesting territory or drive you away from a nestling bird that may be on the ground in close proximity.

Additional bird services may be available through some operators for swooping butcherbirds, miner birds and crows. Pigeon removal may also be available. Please note that the Scrub Turkey is often referred to as a Bush Turkey, Brush Turkey or simply Turkey! Either way we have a specialist bird catcher Diurnal assist you with your turkey removal or management.

We are often asked whether bird catcher services are offered by Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Pine Rivers, Moreton, Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast city Council. Along with other entities such as the RSPCA, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Queensland Police these all have differing perspectives in regards to jurisdiction but generally do not offer bird removal services to the general public as it is viewed as a user pays system when on private land. Instead they are likely to direct you to a search option which will find you back with us anyway!!