October 2014

Our snake catchers throughout Brisbane and Ipswich have had a busy month with October delivering an increase in snake sightings and call-outs.

The reproductive season continues with Carpet Pythons frequently making use of roof spaces throughout the city. It's not been uncommon for our snake catchers to remove numerous pythons from one ceiling. Late last month a ceiling space visitor even decided to pop in to the resident's bathroom via a ceiling light to say hello. The python was professionally removed by our snake catcher and the resident's had a very interesting story to tell!

Two Carpet Pythons also decided they needed a holiday and took up residence in a ceiling at a Pet Resort in Brisbane's west. After some considerable effort the two snakes where removed from the ceiling above the dog kennels and relocated in to local bushland to continue their holiday – leaving the dogs and Pet Resort owners much happier!

Brown Tree Snakes have also been out and about. A Brookfield resident, concerned about the lack of water supplying here amenities, noticed a Brown Tree Snake having a soak in the water reservoir. One of our Brisbane snake catchers attended and removed the snake. Sadly, the snake was not well and is currently undergoing rehabilitation with a certified wildlife carer.

Venomous snakes have also been encountered more frequently during October. An Eastern Brown Snake gave residents at Moggill a scare after it was sighted in their toilet! Our Brisbane snake catcher was called and removed the snake much to the relief of the residents. Some good-sized snakes have been captured throughout the region with a 4.5ft Red-bellied Black Snake from The Gap. A nice little White-crowned Snake was also removed from a residence at Indooroopilly. Other suburbs featuring venomous snakes included The Gap, Kenmore, Pinkenba, Warner, Caboolture, Murrumba Downs, Sinnamon Park and Ipswich.

To top it all off, local Kenmore residents had a very memorable Halloween when they encountered a 5 kg Carpet Python in their garden near their front door. The python was very reluctant to move but our Brisbane snake catcher successfully caught and relocated the snake.

Remember; keep an eye out for snakes while the warm weather and breeding season continues. Keep your phone/camera handy if you want ID's of any snakes sighted in your area and contact your local, licensed snake catcher if you need a snake removed.