November 2014

Our suburban Carpet Pythons have ceased their mating activities with many gravid snakes out and about. A gorgeous, 2100mm gravid Coastal Carpet Python was relocated from a residential property at Kenmore and is just one example of the many gravid females currently around getting ready to lay eggs.

With the dry and hot conditions during November we have also seen an increase of snakes soaking in pools, skimmer boxes and backyard ponds. Please remember to have a look for snakes before doing your pool maintenance and contact your local, licensed snake catcher if you need a snake removed.

Two Spotted Pythons (Antaresia maculosa) were picked up from Redbank Plains by our Brisbane Snake Catcher on two separate occasions this month. Although naturally occurring in some areas of South East Queensland, suburban Redbank Plains does not provide preferred habitat for the species. It is suspected both pythons may have been escaped pets (or even wild-caught snakes kept illegally). Both Spotted Pythons have been handed in to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in the hope the owners may reclaim them.

Venomous snakes have also been out and about this month – sometimes found in the most unusual of places! Staff from Coles at Bellbowrie got a surprise recently when they opened the in-store safe to find a Red-bellied Black Snake inside! Our Brisbane Snake Catcher was promptly called and removed and relocated the snake. An Eastern Brown Snake also made an appearance in a car showroom at a Holden Dealership in Ipswich and was relocated by one of our snake catchers. Other venomous snake captures were made in the suburbs of Pullenvale, Brookfield, Wacol, Goodna, Samford, Virginia, Eagle Farm, Ferny Hills and Albany Creek.