December 2014

The heat of December typically sees a slight reduction in the number of snakes sighted during the day and a marked increase in the movement of nocturnal snakes. Three Golden-crowned Snakes were found this month in the suburbs of Ashgrove, The Gap and Albany Creek. Being strictly nocturnal they are a good indicator of increased night time movement. Other less frequently encountered nocturnal snakes noted include a Dwarf Crowned Snake from Ferny Hills, two Eastern small-eyed Snakes from Chapel Hill and Pullenvale and a Red-naped Snake from Brassall at Ipswich.

Venomous species are most certainly on the move with some sizeable snakes being recorded. We have seen four Eastern Brown Snakes this month that were in excess of 1500mm or 5 ft in the old scale. The largest was a 1800mm specimen captured at Virginia.

A photo was sent in for identification that showed two Yellow faced Whip Snakes in the throngs of male/male combat. This is a clear indicator that this species is still in a reproductive mode. This species is one of the more common of our smaller venomous species found throughout the suburbs of Brisbane.

Of course the ever reliable Carpet Pythons are making themselves known with the most impressive a 3 metre specimen recorded by our snake catcher at The Gap.