June 2015

Brisbane Snake Catchers have seen a steady decline in the number of snake calls/sightings as the weather turns colder. Coastal Carpet Pythons are still the most common capture with many taking advantage of warm localities around homes. The most notable Coastal Carpet Python relocation was at Moggill where one had curled up very snugly in an air-conditioning unit and took considerable effort to extract from the unit.

Another type of python – a Spotted Python, was caught at Bundamba, and not being endemic to the area, was surrendered to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

It has been a busy month for Keelbacks with several specimens removed from various localities around Brisbane, including five snakes found in one rodent bait station at Rocklea. The cold weather typically sees less venomous snake activity however interesting captures include a Yellow-faced Whip Snake from The Gap and a Small-eyed Snake from Amberley.