May 2016

The month of May typically sees a reduction in the amount of snake activity due to the commencement of the cooler weather. As is often the case Coastal Carpet Pythons have been the most common captures – usually seen soaking up some sunny rays or hunting down potential prey. Localities for Carpet Python captures have included Sinnamon Park, Indooroopilly, Karana Downs, Chuwar, Chapel Hill, Kenmore and Brookfield.

A few Common Tree Snakes have also been out and about with individuals picked up from Chapel Hill, Toowong and Kenmore – including one that managed to get itself caught in the grate of drain and was cruising around with the grate attached. Our snake catcher managed to free the snake and it was released unharmed. Thanks to the lovely resident at Kenmore for calling in the rescue!
Other snake species encountered have included a juvenile Brown Tree Snake from Karana Downs and a Keelback from Collingwood Park.