August 2014

They are on the move! The weather is shifting and snakes are starting to make a gradual appearance in backyards across Brisbane. This month is notorious for seeing those roof dwelling carpet snakes become obvious around the home as they begin their search for potential mates. The larger boys tend to move first with males in excess of 8 ft taken from homes in The Gap, Warner, Dayboro and Chapel Hill. Numerous carpet snakes from other suburbs such as Lawnton, Joyner, Pinkenba and Kenmore were also captured and relocated by snake catchers.

Venomous snakes also begin to move but not with the same intensity. Wait until next month for that!! A nice Eastern Brown over 5 ft was captured from a living room in Petrie and a robust 4 ft specimen from a kitchen in Rocklea. Only one Red Bellied Black Snake this month; a tidy 1 metre specimen from Bellbird Park.