Gold Coast Snake Catchers

The following details are for a 24 hour 7 days a week Gold Coast Snake Catcher servicing the Gold Coast and Hinterland areas. The Gold Coast is home to a large diversity of snake species with many species often coming into contact with humans. These include such species as harmless Carpet Pythons and Common tree snakes as well as the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake which is found across most Gold coast suburbs. The hinterland region supports numerous species found in highly specific habitat.


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May 2016 Gold Coast Snake Catcher Activity

Snake activity is starting to slow up on the Gold Coast with the commencement of the cooler months. As is typical, the most commonly encountered species have been Common Tree Snakes and Coastal Carpet Pythons with captures recorded from Carrara, Nerang, Broadbeach Waters, Reedy Creek, Bundall and Parkwood.

Of the venomous species, an Eastern Brown Snake was relocated from Upper Coomera and an interesting encounter also occurred at a different property in Upper Coomera where an Eastern Brown Snake was sighted on the roof of a residential house. Contrary to popular belief, venomous snake can climb, however a scenario such as this involving the Eastern Brown Snake is quite a rare occurrence. Snakes in these sort of situations can be very difficult to catch due to their high agility and mobility and our snake catcher was unfortunately unable to locate the snake in this case.
Remember, keep our number handy in the event you need a snake catcher. We can be contacted 24/7 on 0418 738 228.