July 2014

The snake activity has slowed dramatically on the Gold Coast but a few notable captures have been reported by the Gold Coast Snake Catcher. Carpet pythons dominated the snakes caught with a one snake removed from a Surfers Paradise backyard showing considerable injuries from an accident with a whipper snipper. This snake was admitted to wildlife care by a specialist snake rehabilitator and all reports sugest the unlucky python will be released in the next 3 weeks. A flying fox fell prey to a 2100mm carpet python at Mudgeeraba and a 1400mm specimen was removed from an internal bookcase at Hope Island. A 1650mm Common Tree Snake made its way into a fax machine at a home office in Ormeau. The snake catcher played handyman to remove it from inside the machine.

Only one venomous snake required relocation; a Yellow-faced Whip Snake that had fallen into a backyard swimming pool at Arundel.
As August gets going expect snakes to be moving considerably more than the previous couple of months. Have your Snake Catcher Gold Coast number handy ( 0418 738 228) in case you need them!