June 2014

Well the cool has certainly started to embrace the Brisbane region with the number of enquiries/sightings for snakes taking a steady decline. The most common scenario encountered at this time of year is spotting that otherwise mobile and elusive carpet python continually returning to the same spot each day to bask. Roof tops are by and large the most common locality for basking carpet pythons as they simply retire back into the roof after raising their body temperature.

We removed a 9ft carpet python from a roof in Chapel Hill last week which had unfortunately defecated over a light fitting and shorted electrical wiring! Another carpet snake from The Gap fell through a ceiling vent and a small 1500mm carpet python was removed hanging from a wall air conditioner in Samford.
The venomous snakes are typically less frequent at this time of year with only two eastern brown snakes recorded. One was a 1200mm specimen from Forest Lake inside a garden shed and the other a 1500mm animal from a garage in Murrumba Downs. A nice juvenile Red-bellied Black Snake was removed from an office building in Pinkenba.