March 2014

Brisbane snake catchers have seen a steady March with no real increase on calls as opposed to previous years for this month. However a couple of notable captures were made starting with a 3.3 metre Carpet Python taken from a fowl house at Brookfield. That's 11 ft in the old scale!! The snake had consumed a chicken and was happily digesting its newly acquired meal when the catcher arrived.

A 1.4 metre Eastern Brown Snake was removed from a washing machine at Samford and a 1.2 metre specimen from a toilet at Forest Lake. It may be worth adding that the snake was on top of the toilet cistern and thankfully not in the bowl! After consuming a rat under a house in Moggill a 1.2 metre Red-bellied Black Snake made its way under the sandpit cover of a child's sandpit and patiently waited for the catcher to arrive. Another reminder to parents to ensure outdoor toys and furniture are quickly checked before allowing kids to play.

Of the odd captures a 1.4 metre Jungle Carpet Python was taken from Ipswich. The species is not endemic to the region and was obviously an escaped pet. It was surrendered to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and will likely make it to the RSPCA wildlife placement program.