May 2014

The month of May typically sees a dramatic reduction with regards to snake catcher activities in Brisbane due to the onset of cooler weather associated with the winter months. Carpet Pythons are often encountered devouring that last possum if they happen to be lucky enough to capture one. Such encounters were recorded in the suburbs of The Gap, Samford, Murrumba Downs, Chapel Hill, Bardon and Pinkenba. Of particular interest was the report from the snake catcher The Gap where an 1800mm Carpet Python successfully ingested a full grown adult Brushtail Possum. This is a very large meal for a snake this size.

A 1500mm Eastern Brown Snake was taken from a home at Dayboro which was noticed by the family dog as it made its way in through an open door. A small reminder to all that even in these cooler months snakes are still active and inadvertent entry into homes is still likely when the opportunity presents itself. The home owner in this instance was very appreciative of the efficiency and professionalism of the Northside snake catchers response to her call and not only paid him for his trouble but parted with a nice shiraz as a further show of appreciation. I’m told the appreciation was reciprocal!