Pinkenba and Eagle Farm

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These suburbs are well established suburbs that support predominately light commercial through to heavy industrial property types. Some housing areas are present however this entails a small portion of these suburbs. The more open vegetative structure coupled with the heavy modification of environments due to commercial land use sees the snake species composition here shift from more leafy suburbs. The vegetated waterways associated with Kedron Brook, Serpentine Creek and Jackson Creek allows for transient movement of terrestrial snake species into and around adjacent properties.

In these suburbs the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake is well known to the snake catcher who services Pinkenba and Eagle Farm. This species is well facilitated by the ground conditions present and has proliferated with ease due to the many food and shelter resources available. The Red-bellied Black Snake is also well represented but is mainly associated with moister areas in proximity to the aforementioned creek localities. Of the smaller venomous species the Yellow-faced Whip Snake is the most common along with occasional captures of the White Crowned Snake.

The non-venomous Carpet Python often turns up in areas of retained bushland or connectivity to more heavily vegetated areas along with the Common Tree Snake. The Keelback Snake is prolific in and around waterways often in large numbers.

A full inventory of snakes species relocated over the past two decades by the Brisbane Northern Suburbs, Pine Rivers and Moreton Snake Catcher is provided below.

  • Carpet Python; Occurs in proximity to well vegetated areas.
  • Common Tree Snake: Often enters buildings, an agile climber often removed by snake catchers.
  • Eastern Brown Snake: Commonly encountered due to highly favorable conditions.
  • Red-bellied Black Snake: Often encountered but usually near creeks and moister localities.
  • Yellow-faced Whip Snake: a common species that can occur in reasonable numbers even in a single area.
  • White Crowned Snake: infrequently seen in these localities however still present.
  • Keelback Snake: very common around watercourses and riparian areas.
  • Eastern Small-eyed Snake: a venomous species often found near natural woodland areas.