Gold Coast Snake Catchers

The following details are for a 24 hour 7 days a week Gold Coast Snake Catcher servicing the Gold Coast and Hinterland areas. The Gold Coast is home to a large diversity of snake species with many species often coming into contact with humans. These include such species as harmless Carpet Pythons and Common tree snakes as well as the highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake which is found across most Gold coast suburbs. The hinterland region supports numerous species found in highly specific habitat.

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Trio of Verreaux’s Skinks

Our Catcher Removed a Trio of Skinks

The Verreaux’s Skink is often mistaken for a snake as they have a slender body and slither. The head, visible ears and tiny remnant legs are the best ways to distinguish them from snakes. We recommend getting in contact with a snake service if you are unsure for identification and removal. This trio was relocated by our snake catcher.

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