Snake Catcher Brisbane Snake Property Searches

Eastern Brown in wood pileThe suburban backyard provides more feeding and refugial resources for snakes than occur in most natural bush land. Often the way properties are maintained or the manner in which structures are built result in further suitability for snakes to occur with your property. Our property searches include a comprehensive investigation by our experienced snake mitigation specialists of all probable localities likely to harbour snakes or the prey they seek. And if any snakes are found during the investigation we can relocate them at your request at no extra cost!!

Businesses and Schools
Snake Catcher Brisbane provides a number of different property search options which will entail reliable advice and subsequent mitigatory responses relevant to the management of snakes on your premises. Industrial buildings, child care centres and schools, shopping centres and council parks are just a few of the applications where our property searches have been applied. Our range of investigative, assessment and preventative based property appraisals are individually tailored to suit the dynamics of sites and deliver realistic approaches to snake management.

This service can be accompanied with a site specific report to ensure you have a full inventory of identified issues and points of interest requiring attention. The Snake Catcher Brisbane assessment is often engaged when the responsibility of the property managers is to mitigate potentially dangerous scenarios that may lead to litigation in case of snake bite. This is particularly common in the case of businesses, schools and child care centres.

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