Carpet Python Shows How Adept They Are at Climbing

Coastal Carpet Pythons are arboreal snakes meaning they spend a lot of their time above ground. The muscles in their long bodies assist them to climb rough and smooth surfaces. Even flat surfaces can be scaled by these adept climbers. Carpet Pythons consume a wide variety of prey, with adults usually favouring mammals and birds, while juveniles may also eat lizards. They operate both as active hunters and ambush predators, and so they need to climb to access their prey such as birds, eggs, possums and rodents.

As they’re such excellent climb we need to ensure to properly secure pet cages or bring them inside, particularly at night when pythons are most active.

This individual was removed from a client’s porch in Sunnybank. You can see that is able to wedge itself in the grooves to climb straight this brick wall.

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