Brisbane Magpie Catcher, Removal and Relocation

Magpie catchers are often called upon for removal and relocation of problem birds. Injuries caused by swooping magpies can be from direct contact from the bird itself or by frantic random responses from people causing collision with surrounding objects. These injuries are often to the head, especially the eyes and secondary impacts have unfortunately resulted in fatal incidents such as car strike.

Licensed magpie catchers with long term experience in bird removal activities within Queensland are referred to by this site. These specialists can provide assessment of the problem magpie and where deemed necessary, implement a trapping methodology approved by the regulating body. All magpie trapping is conducted in such a manner as to facilitate the welfare of the birds in question and provide a safety minded response to existing and potential threats to human safety.

Only licensed and insured magpie removal specialists can legally conduct any activity which results in disturbance to nests or the birds themselves including any attempt to capture or directly interfere with birds or the removal and translocation of eggs or chicks. Magpies are a protected species under the provisions of the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992.

Magpie assessment and removal by licensed and insured permit holders is available for the following areas:

Magpie removal

Brisbane West and Ipswich 0413 028 081
Brisbane North 0409 675 522
Brisbane South, Bayside and Logan 0421 455 077

Gold Coast 0413 028 081
Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane Valley 0421 455 077
Scenic Rim including Warick 0413 028 081

We are often asked whether magpie catcher services are offered by Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Pine Rivers, Moreton, Redlands, Logan and Gold Coast city Council. Along with other entities such as the RSPCA, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Queensland Police these all have differing perspectives in regards to jurisdiction but generally do not offer magpie removal services to the general public as it is viewed as a user pays system when on private land. Instead they are likely to direct you to a search option which will find you back with us anyway!!
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