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Red-naped snake on rock
The main reason for contact with the Snake Catcher Brisbane site is the need for rapid responses to calls for snakes both in homes and in businesses. The primary objective for snake capture and relocation is for the safety of people and the opportunity for provide solid welfare outcomes for snakes.

The capture of snakes is a specialist activity which in all states of Australia, with the exception of Tasmania, requires assessment against criteria that is meant to provide permits to those with the adequate skills and handling techniques to keep you safe and the welfare of the snake concerned well maintained.

Additionally snake catchers should not only be able to catch ALL species of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous but also provide detailed information regarding the ecology of snakes so any relocation is done with a complete understanding of the requirements of individual species. As previously mentioned the welfare of snakes should not, where possible, be compromised just because we are inconvenienced by a snake. So if it’s a Carpet Python, Common Tree Snake or an Eastern Brown Snake these snake catchers have got it covered for both you and the snake.

A highly experienced snake catcher should always be sought over new operators or pest controllers looking to add a new string to their services bow. Always seek to engage long term, proven snake catchers with a strong history of snake interaction. An engaged snake catcher should be not only be fully permitted by the relevant regulatory body but carry all required insurances in case of damage to property or personal injury whilst on your premises. Be sure to enquire of these particulars before engaging a snake catcher. For instance all snake handlers referred to by Snake Catcher Brisbane in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas carry all the relevant permits and insurances and have between 10 and 45 years experience in the safe capture of snakes.